Who is excited about the new animation tool in Adobe fresco?
I definitely am! 
I love Fresco and yes, I'm among the few people who probably prefer it to Procreate. 
With Fresco I feel much more in control of the brush and I work much closer to my freehand sketching style with pencil and paper. 
As I'm exploring every day more the possibilities of Gifs and motion in my illustrations, I've been waiting for this update with patience and excitement! 
Now it's finally available and I do recommend everyone to have a look. 
The tool is really easy and intuitive to use, you can animate with frame by frame technique or with a path, AND you can also combine the two.

If you are getting into gifs and motion illustration, stay tuned and follow me on IG @Simona_deleo_illustrator and Skillshare as I will publish soon a brief class on how to make your animated Christmas card!  
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